How It Works

At Well Cut tech meets tailored

We’re passionate about design, and dedicated to fantastic modern styling. Well Cut offers you the opportunity to design a made-to-measure shirt that both suits your individual style and fits your exact build and frame, precisely.

Well Cut stands above the competition because unlike so many other designers, we won’t tell you what you want in a shirt – we let you decide. Using our advanced algorithm, you are able to choose every feature of your new shirt, right down to the button stitch colour. We are home to countless rare fabrics and materials, which can be fully cut and customised into a shirt you’ll love to wear.

14 shirt elements
to customise


99% accuracy
sizing your shirt

Cutting and production

Precision and quality are the keys to our ultra-stylish shirts. Simply provide us with a few details about yourself, and our cutting-edge technology will take care of the rest. Before you design a shirt you will be proud to wear, all we need from you is your age, height, shoe size, and weight. Our algorithm will then predict the right size for your frame to a 99% accuracy.

From there, this innovative technology will create the right shirt pattern to match your size. This pattern will then be laser cut with exacting precision and sent to a tailor to be expertly crafted. We guarantee no compromise in the comfort, fit or quality of any of our garments, so you can place your order secure in the knowledge that your shirt will be crafted to the highest possible standards.

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