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Social Responsibility

Environmental & Social Responsibility

We are proud that Well Cut takes every measure necessary to be more environmentally friendly by staying ahead of the latest manufacturing techniques. We have a long history of being at the forefront of social responsibility. Through worldwide accreditations and the establishment of national organizations in the countries where our shirts are produced, we have proactively taken an important role in social development.

Working Conditions

All manufacturing facilities are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified and hold the highest standards when it comes to human resources. Well Cut provides employees with medical plans, food subsidies, social security, in-house full service clinics, co-op memberships, loans, and financing for housing and daily needs.

Day Care Facilities

Well Cut is highly dedicated to social responsibility and has facilitated the opening of two day care facilities local to the factory where our shirts are produced. These day cares cater to over 1,500 children and provide them with schooling, food, dental, and medical plans. As a result of this effort, the group are able to provide mothers with the opportunities to work full time and care for their families.

Socio- Economic Contributions

Well Cut has promoted:
• The creation of a local Polytechnic
• The creation of a local Manufacturers Association
• The center for Sustainable Development

Founded an organisation that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Based on the conviction that it is crucial for the private sector to play a strategic role in the promotion of sustainable development in the region in order to improve the well-being of workers, the community, and society as a whole. The organisation promotes the harmonious integration of respect for ethical values, people, community and the environment into corporate decision-making and corporate governance.

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